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主演:阿瑟·肯尼迪 索菲娅·迪奥尼西奥 约翰·理查森 达娜·吉亚  


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AV 中文字幕2020 "Nove Ospiti per un Delitto" is a mediocre giallo in the tradition of Agatha Christies "And Then They Were None". Nine membav 中文字幕2020ers of the same family go to an island, where nobody lives - but the head of the family (Arthur Kennedy) owns a nice house theav 中文字幕2020re. Problem av 中文字幕2020is that he and his three sons keep a dark secret, and this dark secret begins to haunt them as soon as they are on the island. One by one they fall victim to a mysterious killer... (IMDb)

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